The pandemic has been extremely difficult and mentally challenging for several kids. Unfortunately, many of them did not and still do not have a safe outlet to be honest. JWG Publishing empathizes with those who are suffering in silence, but we believe there's hope.  

Are you in high school or have a child in high school or college? How were they affected by COVID-19? Did they study from home online during the pandemic, if so, how did it affect you/them mentally? Did your/their  grades go up or tankered? If you have a learning experience, good or bad, we want to hear from you. As a leading publishing house there is nothing we love more, than to help storytellers earn, gain visibility and credibility from their story. Why hide it, when you can be the hope and change the world needs?



We are a professional independent FULL publishing house. We do not own our authors rights, royalties or remuneration. We have published hundreds of authors, created best sellers and several 6-figure earners. We are globally recognized and connected and we offer media promotion to all authors.

Our trusted team is made of best-selling authors, PhD editors, Global Speakers, Coaches and world class graphic designers. 


What will this collaboration offer YOU:

1. Change of status - published best-selling author

2. Increase your credibility

3. Increase your visibility

4. Quickly build your brand 

5. National Media promotion - Be featured in several magazines, radio, on NBC, CBS, USA Today, Fox News & 200 other media platform

6. An extra or new stream of  income 

7. Professional editing & formatting

8. Writing & interview skills training 

9. Individual promotional materials

10. Print on Demand (order books to sell anytime at wholesale rate)

11. Ten free copies

12. Amazon Bestsellers Strategy

13. International Distribution Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark 

       and your personal site

14. U.S. Copyright Registration

15. ISBN Assignment with Barcode

16. Customized Book Cover

17. Book Trailer

18. Book launch

19. As a child author - more future educational opportunities

20. Network, new friends and team players from collaborating 


What YOU need to for this opportunity:

1. Submit your name and contact on our contact form or email:

2. After your first contact & meeting your submission of 1 Chapter, 500 -

    800 words will be due by March 30, 2021

3. Your full investment $650 will be due by April 15th as well

4. Your deposit of 1/3 ($217) is due to secure your spot by March 15, 2021