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  • The W'Right Life Global Business Tour is designed to provide valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and exploring international markets to enhance wealth-building and business success.


  • The tools we will use are educational resources, workshops, and presentations delivered by renowned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and business leaders. These sessions will cover topics such as wealth creation strategies, business growth tactics, market insights, and best practices.


  • The tour will provide ample networking opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded individuals, local entrepreneurs, potential partners, and mentors. Oftentimes engaging in one-on-one meetings, and group discussions tofacilitate collaboration, idea sharing, and potential partnerships.


  • Just like the Good Life Global, The W'Right Life Global Business Tour will include visits to countries and cities known for their thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems and business opportunities. Participants will gain firsthand exposure to diverse markets, cultural experiences, and global business practices, which can broaden their perspectives and open doors to international expansion.


  • We will connect attendees to entities, to help gain insights into local regulations, support programs, and funding opportunities that can facilitate their business growth.


  • Participants will meet coaches and mentors ready to  mentor  and offer expert guidance. The W'Right Life Global Business Tour will feature expert speakers, mentors, and successful entrepreneurs who will share their knowledge and experiences.


  • The W'Right Life Global Business Tour is a safe, fluff-free space, providing real-life examples that will help entrepreneurs envision the potential impact of the tour on their own businesses and success trajectories.


What to expect:

✨Kingdom Business Principles
✨Purpose & Alignment Adjustment Challenge
✨Practical Financial Planning Solutions 
✨Trading Strategies & Secrets
✨Business Startup, Scaling & Leveraging tools 
✨Passive Income Opportunities 
✨Business Networking and Opportunities 
✨Steps to Narrow the Wealth Gap
✨The 7-figure Tool Kit
✨Steps to Avoid Economic Impact on Your business 
✨Book Publishing Hacks 
✨Marketing, Branding, & Advertising Do’s & Dont’s
✨Real Estate Secrets Explained
✨Personal & Relationship Healing
✨Maintaining Your Faith in a Faithless, Fallen World

The W'Right Life Global Business Tour

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