JWG Publishing House will Publish your Book in 3 Easy Steps. In as little as 30 days!!!

We publish titles in fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, picture books, poetry, biographical, spiritual/religious, and academic genres.



Write and publish your way to success. A book is a gateway to millions

JWG Publishing House is a full-service book publisher with offices in Florida & Georgia, USA. Our mission is to help authors to publish their books in a safe, hassle-free & budget-friendly environment. Many storytellers are afraid to begin the process of publishing because they do not understand the process or differences between self, independent, and traditional publishing. We offer 1-on-1 coaching & support to each author throughout the process on their journey to impact the world.

Authors keep 100% of your Royalties


With over two decades of experience and proven publishing results, the JWG Publishing team is not only ready to bring your dream to reality, they are ready to show you how to create a 7-figure career - check out the Business Mogul Academy



Our award-winning and courteous staff will bring your unique stories, ideas, thoughts, and experiences to life, giving your story the vibrant personality and impeccable finish it needs to stand out in today’s demanding author world. Your book is truly important and so are you. Wouldn’t you want to put it in capable hands?

Why choose JWG Publishing House?

→ Your results and satisfaction means more to us than dollars & cents

→ Our team is Award-winning 

→ We know your needs, why? We are Authors, our feet are in your shoes

→ We are NOT a hybrid publisher, all royalties are 100% owned by you   

 We take the work out of publishing your book, we are a full-service publishing house.

→ Professional editing

→ We understand writer's block - we Ghostwrite

→ Customized PR Campaigns - radio, print & live events

We own our own magazine company & work with several media partners

→ Individual book trailer for every book we publish

→ We offer print on demand

→ Ebook conversions for Amazon & Barnes & Noble



→ Honoring God in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.

→ Offering our clients and students exceptional value-added service.

→ Assisting you to serve God with your ideas, gifts, passions

→ Being a resource of sustenance to our community

→ Continue our philanthropic work with the Maxfield Park Children's Home.


WHO benefits when they publish with JWG Publishing House?

• Those who want to become successful independent authors    

• Those who want to hone their freedom and keep their copyright   

• Those who want to keep the money they earn from book sales    

• Those who want to create multiple streams of income or 7- figure career   

• Those who are looking for cost flexibility and an ROI (return on their investment)


WHY You Should write and Publish your Book?

• You have a story     

• You are an expert in your field      

• You want to build your coaching practice or speaking career     

• You want to set yourself apart from the crowd     

• You don’t want to be placed on a traditional publisher’s long list of hopefuls!    

•  You know exactly what you want (and don’t want)     

• You have a desire to contribute to the transformation of lives and businesses globally

Residential Library

Thousands of local & international authors published

We are waiting for you!

If you only need Ghostwriting - JWG Publishing House got you!

We take your thoughts from head to paper. From voice recorder to manuscript and from school notes and/or sermon notes to edited work. If you have titles/topics or just a synopsis of what you would like to write about, we can formulate your manuscript in full. Ghost-writing starts at page $ 1,000 per 70 pages. We are the trusted and experienced book doctors, we will assess the foreseeable work needed to put together a completed manual in record TIME!


If you only need Editing - JWG Publishing House got you!

We edit and polish already-completed or sometimes partially completed manuscripts to the highest professional standards, suitable for publication. We conduct four (4) types of editing:


Developmental Editing – Focusing on improving your work in terms of larger craft issues, such as plot/story, flow, clarity, voice, and organization. 

Proofreading – This is similar to copyediting. Proofreading comprises that one extra step you need after revising and editing in order to locate any small mistakes you missed out on until now. Be it some urgent last minute content change or some spelling and punctuation that escaped your attention – this is the time to brush away those invisible blemishes before writing or printing out the final copy.

Substantive Editing – Flagging problem areas in the story, providing a critique of your work correcting grammar and punctuation, smoothing out the syntax, and fact-checking any information your manuscript presents (including potential anachronisms, awkward constructions, craft problems (of the plot, flow, clarity, organization, theme, character, point of view, voice, tone, pacing, etc.). 


Copy Editing –While a structural edit looks at the book as a whole, a copyedit looks at paragraphs and sentences and correcting your spelling and grammar. This means that, while individual paragraphs may be restructured and reworked to improve the readability, a copyedit won’t look at the structure of the entire book.


Step one is setting up your FREE consultation. When you wrap up your call, you'll then submit your manuscript to us for review.  Our team of editors and publishing consultants will review your manuscript to assess its viability and potential fit for our Publishing requirements. Once your submission is approved, a JWG Publishing Literary Agent will be in touch with you within 7 business days to discuss the next steps and accept a deposit.

Step  2

After a contract is agreed upon & signed. Step two which includes your special Book Cover design, ISBN with Barcode is created for your pre-marketing campaign. Your Copyright and Editing is then initiated. If you selected a package that has within it a website, your site would also be built at this stage.

Step 3 

After Editing is completed, the final step is Paperback Formatting & Ebook Conversions. At this point, you will decide if you will print books on-demand or remain digital. Whatever option you choose, you will need a marketing package to sell more books.


See our marketing packages at 

Harold Wait


This company is definitely 5 stars. I struggled to start my business and when I was referred by a friend to call BSMS, they were professional from beginning to the end. They walked with me from start to finish but what really took the cake was when my business was up & running, I received a call from the VP of Customer Service and then The CEO to make sure I was pleased with their services. This really blew me away. Thank you BSMS.

Shalita Kirksey Hunter

My experience with Business Startup & Marketing Solutions LLC was pleasant. During my consultation I found Dr. Good to be caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I plan to continue a professional relationship with this company. Thank you for helping me with my transition to South Florida.

Majidah Cassandra

I was writing a book and needed help to organize my thoughts. I took the Online book writing class which was excellent. I loved the one on one coaching, and the homework assignments prepared me to continue writing and inspired me to finish my book and publish it. This course was helpful and I would recommend it and this company.

Tamikia Creary-Williams

As a first time Author, this is the best working experience I ever had with a company. From helping with my book idea, to help with the title, to help with my content, the entire publishing process was a breeze. I am looking to publish book number 2, with JWG Publishing House because they are the best in the business. 

John Snipe

I was referred to JWG Publishing by another Author. The Publisher was caring, professional, and knowledgeable from our first conversation. I received weekly follow-ups and in 5 weeks both my ebook and paperback were ready. I would recommend them to anyone considering publishing their book.