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Formerly Outsourcing Business Solutions Limited, Business Start-up & Marketing Solutions is an entrepreneur's best friend. We are a business start-up company that specializes in marketing, public relations, book publishing, entrepreneurial education, and business growth & development

Let’s cut the fluff

You don’t have enough clients, and you’re not meeting your profit goal because you have not marketed effectively!

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What we do.......

  • Effective Business Startup Assistance
  • Business Trademarking
  • Business  Coaching
  • Public Relations
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Startup funding & grant guidance
  • Accounting Services
  • Book & Magazine Publishing 

Book Publishing

Want to Write, Publish & Profit from your book? Maybe, you've dreamt of becoming a bestseller, a 6-figure speaker, or 7 figure coach! Did you know that you can jumpstart these dreams by writing a book? A book does the heavy lifting for you and positions you in front of the right audience and decision-makers. JWG Publishing House is ready to serve you!   

Branding, Start-Up

& Marketing

Starting a business is no longer a goal set aside by the rich and famous. If you’ve ever said, “I need to check my account before buying this purse” or “My boss won’t let me take that much vacation” you need to rethink how you are trading your gift, talent, and passion. It's insane to give away your gift for time. You should be trading your gift for money instead. Become a 7- figure entrepreneur and make the bank, claim your power, and impact those you were created to impact. 

Boss Mogul Academy

Learn the skills, hacks, and strategies you need to achieve your dreams and business goals. If your goal is to achieve personal growth and business growth, it’s vital that you build up your core skills and knowledge over time. The Boss Mogul Academy can help you do this. Our programs include group coaching and one on one. With subject matters from Interview Skills, Marketing, Public Relations, Publishing Company startup, Taxation, Accounting, Credit Repair, and more. When you have systems in place that promote profitability and consistency, it’s much easier for you to increases your chances of becoming a focused entrepreneur, a devoted leader, and a six or seven-figure earner.

Business Mogul Academy Logo.png

Client Focused. Clarity Conscious. 

Congratulations. You’ve taken the first step toward building your business, there is no doubt that consequently, you have embarked on building a better future for you and your family. And with Business Mogul Academy's focus on business clarity & growth conscious academics, it’s a step that also signals your intention to be a better steward of every resource God has given you. 


Students First.

Business Mogul Academy is focused on you, the student. This “student-first” philosophy lets us offer online classes in a one-class-at-a-time format… scheduling flexibility … and one-on-one access to industry-experienced learning. And our private, iron-clad status gives us the ability to adapt to your needs, providing innovative areas of business study to help you grow personally and professionally. As you, scale, leverage, and monetize.


From book writing/publishing to business law, every program we offer has been carefully designed to give you the skills you need to excel.


Clarity Conscious. 

This is our mission to bring clarity and life to every dream, vision or idea that our students bring to our table. Can you clearly define your BUSINESS vision? Do you know where to position your brand? Business is the activity of life. Bring life to your brand and business with clarity. Let's renegotiate Economic Development.



Meet The Founder

"I was told I had to do it the same way the old boys did it to succeed, they lied! Using the same process I used to grow an award winning music production & artist management company from scratch to millions in just 3 years, I grew Business Startup & Marketing and JWG Publishing from $125 to millions in 4 years, using the same process."


Dr. Joan Wright-Good is an accomplished International Speaker, Preacher, Business Coach, Best-selling Author, and Award-Winning CEO. Her expertise lies in empowering individuals to harness their gift, talent & purpose leveraging them into financial success. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Dr. Joan overcame significant challenges throughout her life, the most recent was the loss of her spouse. Her remarkable journey began at the Maxfield Park Children's Home, a government-run orphanage, and led her to the pinnacle of success, including meeting the President of the United States in 2016 and being recognized for her outstanding achievements in business.

The ordained Minister of the gospel, also teaches from experience that wealth, wholeness, and salvation can be obtained without compromise. In her opinion, "it does not matter what we do on earth, if we do not have a biblical relationship with Christ, we will be unfulfilled and lost, but with Christ as the focus, we can be righteous and rich, ask Abraham, Job and Jacob."

Dr. Joan is the Founder and CEO of two thriving businesses, Business Startup & Marketing Co established with a mission to empower ambitious individuals who have ingenious ideas but need assistance in building thriving businesses. At the second business, JWG Publishing House, she manages a team of 8 staff as they write and publish books and magazines for their clients. Both businesses are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Throughout her career as a speaker, Dr. Joan has discussed topics such as healing relationships, financial growth, women's development, youth development, and all things business. She heads a 14 U.S. city, 10 country business tour formerly called the Good Life Global tour. If you are looking for a multifaceted, well-rounded, experienced speaker for your audience, look no further! As a Game Changer, Dr. Joan's deep understanding of business and sound biblical doctrine sets her apart. Her books are all bestsellers and are guides for entrepreneurs aiming for success and believers looking to mature in their faith as biblical believers.


Dr. Wright-Good recognition as a Business Game Changer by the White House in 2016 and as a corporate responsible CEO by the Wheatle Ball Association in 2019 shows her dedication to the business community. In addition to being honored by several corporations, private organizations, and government agencies, she has also received many awards. A number of media outlets have featured Dr. Wright-Good, including FORBES, Fox26 News, Sheen, Black Enterprise, RollingOut, The Tom Joyner Show, Huffington Post, Voyage Miami, CVM TV, The Gleaner, The Jamaica Observer, TVJ, BYTV Miami, iHeart Radio, Houston2Houston, Empower Magazine, MadameNoire, and more.  Her compelling story of triumph over adversity, rising from the ashes of sexual and physical abuse, teenage pregnancy, and homelessness, serves as a poignant testament to God's grace. She firmly believes that "His purpose will always outweigh our pain."

Wright-Good holds a Bachelor's degree in Management Studies and Politics from the University of the West Indies (Jamaica). She holds a law degree (LLB) from the University of London. A Master's degree (MBA) from Kaplan University (USA), and a Doctor of Psychology in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University. Annually, the corporate responsible CEO assists aged-out orphans whose dream it is to attend college through the Maxfield Park Children's Home.

Business Awards:

Global Game Changer, President Obama

MizCEO Women Leader's Award

GirlFessional Collaboration Award

Unity & Legends Women Leader Award 

BTrue2U Leading Coach Award

DTBWE Organization Speaker's Award

100 Successful Women in Business in 2020/2021

Opulent Business Recipient 2019

Joan Wright Good Website.png

7 imaginary “problems” you’re making up when starting a business




“When we asked over 200,000 of our readers about whether they wanted to start an online business or a side hustle, the response was an emphatic, “HECK YES!”

No surprises there. We’d all love to be our own boss, have the freedom to work from any hipster coffee shop wherever we choose, and overall make good (or more) money while sitting at home with a pet parakeet named Fred (or in my case, just my plants).

But when it comes down to brass tacks, suddenly it’s a Matrix-style waterfall of questions, barriers, and reasons why it may not be possible. Questions and doubts like:


I don’t have a cool business idea, let alone even know where to find customers.

  1. Wait, can I also make money recording squishy sounds with a piece of slime (I’m not kidding)? OH, GOD, WHAT IF IT DOESN’T WORK OUT AND I HAVE TO WORK PART-TIME AS A DOG FOOD TASTER (which is a real job, by the way)?

    These are the questions and concerns that we ourselves and friends in the industry at places like Growth Lab have heard countless times before when working with thousands of students, many of whom have gone on to launch profitable full-time or side businesses.

    We identified seven “syndromes” that keep people from even starting a business or side hustle and the “cures”* to jolt that rump of inaction.

    Disclaimer: We’re in no way certified doctors, just people who’ve been mashing our keyboards about online businesses for a looooong time.

    Syndrome #1: “I don’t have enough time.”

    Today, “I’m too busy” is a pretty standard universally understood response to any demand for your time.

    Want to grab lunch with a college friend? Nope, too busy.

    Sit down and write for an hour? Nah, you’ve got to meet someone for coffee, and besides, you “need” at least a flexible four-hour block to be creative.

    Start thinking about your business ideas? Sorry, can’t — got this thing.

    The cure: Others may not question your busy-ness — and I totally understand that our individual circumstances and obligations really do keep our schedules tied up — but I challenge you to question if you truly are too busy to spare an hour for lunch with a friend, to go to the gym, or to research business ideas.

    Sometimes being too busy can also be code for your life being out of control, where your days are more filled with rote tasks that have you darting around like a hummingbird with ADHD than intentional action items that move you closer to a goal.

    Helpful link: add the link for the book

    Syndrome #2: “I don’t have a business idea.”

    When the media and people you follow on social media paint this dangerously unrealistic notion of overnight success, the pressure is on to have a winning idea right from the get-go.

    Worse, because we tend to develop such high expectations, questions like How do you know if you have anything “good” to sell? or How do you come up with mind-blowing original ideas that haven’t already been done to death? grow louder in our heads.

    Oh, and if you do come up with an idea, how do you know if it’ll work??

    Ah, the pressure!

    The cure: Business ideas are everywhere, and we tend to look everywhere else but the one place that more than likely has a great, profitable business idea just waiting to be unearthed: within you!


    We always espouse the fact that we all have a little something, a skill, an expertise, a secret sauce — whatever you want to call it — that other people would LOVE to learn more about. These are the same things that people would be willing to pay for. Heck, there are businesses that teach people how to mix electronic music or ride horses … online!

    Helpful link: The grow.launch. course on my personal site

    You just need to discover what your profitable skills are by asking yourself these four questions:

  1. What do your friends complain about that you find effortless?

  2. What do your friends say you’re great at?

  3. What do your friends say when they introduce you?

  4. What would you do if you had 3 hours free every week?

    Never mind that you don’t have credentials or are a world-class expert. If you can help someone else get results, that’s good enough.

    Syndrome #3: “I don’t want to seem like those scammy online people.”

    Nobody wants to be seen as overly pushy or desperate to get others to give them money. In an ideal world, people would just automatically know how awesome we are and pay us and we don’t have to promote our services or products. Alas, we don’t live in an ideal world, and the fact of the matter is that if you don’t have paying customers, you don’t really have a business.

    The cure: The fear of selling is real. I felt it myself. All of us that now have a profitable business felt it at one point. It’s a natural part of the process and one barrier that, for me, was absolutely empowering once I got over it. While there are indeed a lot of nuances in sales, I’d like for you to instead focus on this simple reframe:

    Your focus for sales isn’t “how much money can I get from this person?”

    Instead, it should be “how can I use my skills to provide an overwhelming amount of help to this person?”

    Because when you believe that you can truly help someone, that’s when you don’t feel sleazy or feel like you’re cheating anyone out of anything. It’s ethical business.

    Helpful link: link to sales strategy course on the site 

    Syndrome #4: “I don’t have a website/logo/business card/mascot.”

    Take a look at other seemingly successful businesses, and you might notice a couple of things in common. Most have:

  • A fancy website

  • A cool business name and logo

  • Some uplifting, inspiring slogan

    So maybe you think that you need one or all of the above to have a business, too?!

    The cure: If you’re starting a business and immediately you spend 20 hours on your website, it’s like buying a $200 pair of running shoes before you’re even certain that you actually like running.

    In other words, you’re missing the crucial core of your business: getting your first paying customers (and you don’t even NEED a website for that)!

    I get that there are a thousand things you could work on, but before your business has lift-off you need to be testing your business idea in the real world and getting money from actual paying humans. Those should be your primary goals in the beginning — everything else can come later.

    Helpful link: link to the social media course on the personal page 

    Syndrome #5: “I don’t have money to start a business.”

    Don’t have thousands of dollars lying around to jumpstart your business? That’s OK.

    The great thing about our methods for starting a business is that, for the most part, you don’t need starting capital — at least not to the degree that shows like Silicon Valley have you believe. You don’t need to draft a brand deck or pimp yourself out to angel investors or solicit any investor money at all.

    The cure: If need be, you can tap into savings. But really, money shouldn’t be your number-one barrier when our suggestion to you is to first have a profitable business idea.

    Finding and validating your idea requires mainly your time and energy to one, list what you’re good at and can help people with; and two, research your market to see the idea’s potential. Join our Facebook page for funding info.

    Great advice from our CEO.

    If a lack of funds is your main concern, then maybe you’re just not ready to start a business and should instead, allocate your resources to saving and earning more money (like negotiating your salary), and taking control of your financial situation.  


    Syndrome #6: “What if my idea doesn’t work out?”

    It seems like “others” have their ideas just come to them in a dream, they try it, and — boom, instant success!

    And if that’s not happening to you, does that mean you just don’t have the “stuff” to make it?

    The cure: The truth is most profitable businesses (and business ideas) are born out of many, many failed businesses and ideas. Several millionaires and billionaire CEO’s have gone through several failed attempts before finding what works. For others, it took years.

    Rarely does anyone praise the unsexy, messy process that starting a business often is. Like the Instagram picture before the heavy editing and filter. It’s full of heartache, self-doubt, and harsh but valuable lessons. But the first step is to give yourself permission to have crappy ideas (and lots of them), and more importantly, to stop hurrying.

    If you’re patient, trust in the process, and roll with the punches, you’d be much better equipped to strike a gold-encrusted idea that inevitably takes time to find.

    Syndrome #7: “I’m just not ready yet.”

    AKA “I need to figure it out first.”

    AKA “I need to get all my ducks lined up before I feel ready.”

    Trust me, you’ll come up with all sorts of wild reasons for why you’re not ready, including but not limited to:

  • Not knowing how sole proprietorship or solo LLC taxes work

  • Needing to learn more about marketing and selling

  • Waiting until your dog sheds enough fur for you to knit a weird, dog-fur sweater

    Whatever the case, none of us ever feel quite “ready” to bravely venture into the unfamiliar even though it feels like we should.

    The cure: When you tell yourself that you’re not ready, you’re telling the world that you’d like to play it safe; that you’re OK just sitting in the back of the car; that you feel like you need to be given “permission” to do something, like taking control of your life, quitting your job, or starting a business.

    But you and I both know that there’s no Higher All-Seeing Power that will descend and part the clouds to bestow their blessing upon you. You alone decide when you’re ready, and you’re ready the moment you decide to take action and commit to figuring it out.

    Helpful link: Read the book You are Different for a Reason, it teaches you how to overcome your fear of becoming your greatest asset.

    * * * *

    If one or more of these apply to you, cool. The goal is not to discredit what you might be uncomfortable with or scared about. Rather, it’s to recognize that these syndromes are normal, but also barriers we can address if we thought more deeply about them. No need to overload yourself with overcoming everything at once.

    It’s all baby steps. 


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980 N. Federal Highway, Suite 110, Boca Raton, FL


Allison A. Braham

Best Selling Author

“I never expected to have so many ‘Aha’ moments while taking Joan’s Business courses. Joan’s ability to listen to my needs and ability to understand exactly how I wanted to approach my book, is an example of great leadership. I’ve given her the nickname: “The intuitive coach”. She listens, she understands, she executes. She helped enhanced my vision by creating a clear blueprint guide which gave me the tools I needed to accomplish my book writing goals. ”


Monique McCray-Jackson

Author, The Untold StoryPiecing HER Together

“I was stuck…I had written several books, but I didn’t know what to do next. Yes, there are tons of free resources online, but I know my needs. I needed someone with experience, someone  relatable, patient, transparent and genuine. God led me to work with Joan Wright Good, CEO of Business Startup & Marketing Solutions, during my journey of publishing and marketing my book.  I took her “Write my book” course and the rest is history as they would say. This article sums it up best!


Dr. Nancy Zentis

AWARD WINNING CEO,  PRINCIPAL, Institute of Organizational Development

Dr. Nancy Zentis is the founder and CEO of Institute of Organizational Development, offering OD Certification Programs in Organization Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management, and Executive Coaching.As a Global leader in the field of OD, Nancy is well-recognized for her accomplishments in the field of OD for over 30 years. However, in 2013 Dr. Zentis found herself needing the expertise of a millennial to  assist with an influx of new demands from her OD students. although,  she  holds a Ph.D. in Organization Development from Capella University, a Masters in Human Resource Development and Business Management from Central Michigan, she knew she had to call  the experts at BSMS . Not only did our students registration increase, IOD profits for that year and beyond was astronomical.  The Marketing course along with the P&L course was amazing! 

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