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Business by God's Design Mentorship

Welcome to the Company of God's Designed Leaders


The Business by God's Design platform was created to serve business leaders, new and seasoned, in every facet of business, God's way. Be taught how to fast track in business with excellent character in your spiritual and business life.



This is revolutionary, a mentoring and coaching program designed to give you the tools you need to live impactful.  You can unapologetically become who God designed you to be, starting today!


Receive Personal and Business Development 

Mentorship created specifically with you in mind.


Simply put, we will be helping you as Leaders and emerging  Leaders, go from entrepreneur or author next door to, "Extraordinary. "We assists dedicated entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, authors, and leaders who are focused on representing the excellency of GOD in their life, ministry and business.

Learn how to develop qualities that will help you  grow your business, thrive in your relationships and win! 

Get started in 3 simple steps:


  • Sign Up for the program today

  • Choose your preferred payment method

  • Complete your assessment and Show up!

Meet your Master Coach,
Dr. Joan Wright-Good

What to expect!

Doing Business God's Way Mentorship is a weekly to monthly coaching and mentoring program focused on helping you become the kingdom entrepreneur you know you were created to be. Imagine being able to be at peace spiritually, balanced in your relationships while impacting  the world around you in business.

We send out devotionals, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, new mentorship videos weekly, along with live meetings, bonus content, resources, tips, tools, collaborators and strategies. Each week, there will be something new. There will also pop-up live sessions on Facebook and instagram that you will be able to join to boost your leads, followers and increase sales, when you borrow OPA (other people's audience).

In order to get started, you will complete an assessment application and pay your non-refundable registration fee.


5 min Coaching live on TV with  Master Coach,
Dr. Joan Wright-Good

Doing Business God's Way Mentorship

$147/m or save $164 when you pay in full for the entire year. Pay $1600 instead of $1764.00


  1. Morning Devotionals (3 X's per week)

  2. 1 LIVE Weekly Business Training and Masterclasses (Zoom & Google meets)

  3. 4Q System Business Planning, Checks and Balances

  4. Ebook Resources

  5. Real Estate (Digital, Virtual & Physical) training 

  6. Social Media Hacks

  7. For profit and Non profit business startups

  8. Private Community Access

  9. Monthly LIVE Kingdom-preneur Session 

  10. Monthly LIVE Q&A's

  11. Business Startups Collabs and partnerships

  12. Business Marketing Training

  13. Funding & Grant Opportunities

  14. Sales Strategies 

  15. Business Credit 101

  16. Business Laws and Trademarks

  17. 6 figure business strategies 

  18. 7 figure set up

  19. Book collaborations (group project)

  20. Content creation for profit

  21. Living TRUSTS 

Everything business for today's business leaders.

By signing up, for the ONE TIME ANNUAL registration will receive this complimentary bonus:

  • Access to exclusive interviews with Dr. Joan Wright- Good


  • Free and discounted Access to Retreats, International conferences etc 

Class starts Monday February 6, 2023

Students Results

Caribbean Muscles Fitness Club

From $500 to 6 figures in 1 year

The Beyond Woman Brand

Magazine Business, from idea to launch

Houston Boutique from idea

to launch

Your Next Step Boutique

Zachary Nathan Architects

Her Treasure Boutique

Randy's Perfume


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